CARL BL Day Users' Club 2021

CARL BL Day Users’ Club 2021

Each year, CARL Berger-Levrault invites its clients to the Users’ Club to present new products and share user feedback.

100% digital multilingual event

On September 23, 2021, during a 100% digital multi-language event, our clients from all over the world will be able to discover all about the evolution of our products and the innovations planned (augmented reality, IoT platform, product roadmap) and to discuss with the product marketing team and the management.

They will also be able to talk with an external consultant, a maintenance expert, who will lead a conference on the theme “Technological and human challenges of CMMS on the road to maintenance 4.0”.

The afternoon will end with workshops to discover the changes and business benefits brought by CARL Source 6 through feedback from users from all sectors of activity.

With the testimonies of :

Brice Racagel, Deputy Quality and Methods Manager of the AUXIGENE company : “CARL Source V6, in particular, its new planning function, allowed us to finalize the dematerialization of our maintenance processes. We standardized our planning methods within the company and linked preventive maintenance and contract management to planning to ensure a very precise monitoring of our activity”.

Céline Rousseau, pplications and Urbanization Manager of SOGESTRAN : “CARL Source V6 is an opportunity to revive the dynamic around CMMS and unite our teams! After the success of CARL Touch among our mobile technicians, our colleagues will be able to improve their skills of the CMMS and CARL Source thanks to new ergonomics which are simplifying the use of the software. Ultimately, we will be able to share indicators of our teams that are spread over France and optimize maintenance management of our fleet and our 10zens of thousands of river equipment. CARL Source V6 will also allow us to simplify our audits and to certify CARL Source by our control Bureau Veritas! “.

Rémi Audoin, CMMS Administrator of the l’Agglomération de Brive : “Within the Agglomeration of Brive, CARL Source is a structuring tool for managing facilities, roads, green spaces, etc. used by 89 technicians among 300 workers with 8000 annual interventions With the V6, we will optimize the uses of CARL Touch mobility, use the multi-criteria search functionality to improve the speed of our operation and take advantage of new ergonomics to simplify the use of CARL Source with a heterogeneous audience “.