Simplicity at your fingertips


CARL Touch requires no training before being used. Designed in collaboration with ergonomists and mobile application designers (UX /UI), CARL Touch is based on ergonomic standards.

Its streamlined interface enhances essential information by adapting to tablet or smartphone formats (responsive design). Its touch mode simplifies data entry and saves time. Wizards speed up data entry. Widgets, which are accessible without the application being open, inform users about their activity (the number of current tasks, for example) and can be used to initiate actions directly.

With the agenda mode, the technician can visualize the schedule of his tasks and control his activities.

An indispensable tool for field technicians and after-sales service, CARL Touch automatically adapts to the users’ time zones.

Multimedia & Bar code mode

All of CARL Touch’s functionalities (report, item receipt, item sheet, inventory and equipment sheet, etc.) are enriched thanks to the multimedia mode that combines photos and videos to side-step keyboard input.

The voice-dictation function enables users to provide detailed information effortlessly. Bar code (1D, QR Code, etc.) technologies and NFC technologies facilitate data entry and searches.

Dynamic customization

The screens, terminology and language can be adapted to users. Easy to set up, CARL Touch can be customized to suit your processes by adapting to each type of equipment (buses, medical equipment, air conditioning, conveyor belts, etc.).

You can also add content to the CARL Touch screens with new fields, attributes, etc.

Interaction with other business applications

Thanks to URI settings, CARL Touch can interact with other business applications, whether they are installed on the device or connected.

For example, to visualize the position of an equipment from your maps, CARL Touch dialogs with the Collector ArcGIS mobile application. In the same way, to display real-time measurements from connected objects attached to your equipment, you directly access the BL Predict connected application.


Presentation of CARL Source in 7 minutes.

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