Can I track my regulatory maintenance and import my inspection reports?

The CARL Source CMMS application can be used to manage and track all types of maintenance: corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, measurement rounds, minor breakdowns, new works projects, etc.
CARL Source can also save you time in one area: regulatory controls and inspections.

Thanks to its dedicated connector, it is possible to integrate an inspection or audit report directly into the CARL Source application. We have links with the main inspection bodies on the market, namely Bureau Veritas, Dekra, Socotec and Apave.

If you’re used to working with another control provider, it’s also possible to connect with other players, thanks to our standard control report import connector.

The tracking offered by the CARL Source CMMS application, combined with the automatic integration of inspection rounds, will enable you to keep exhaustive track of your maintenance and legal aspects, without having to make double entries.