How can I integrate my maintenance subcontractors' reports?

Subcontractor management is standard in CARL Source.
Several options enable you to manage your subcontractors’ reports in CARL Source CMMS.

The CARL Source application runs on a standard computer, without installation (in the cloud). This means you can give your subcontractor restrictive access, so that he can only view the part of the application that concerns him: he can view his work and enter his reports via a subcontractor portal.

Would you like your subcontractor to use a mobile maintenance application from CARL Source? You may want to consider CARL Touch or CARL Xpress.

CARL Touch is the on-board CMMS application for mobile phones and tablets, enabling you to consult your equipment, access Work requests and enter reports, and manage inventory. Easy to use, it can be installed on the mobile device of a service provider with whom you work on a regular basis, so that he can enter his maintenance reports directly on the chosen mobile application.

If your partner is more occasional, you can offer them the option of using CARL Xpress, with the ability to enter reports in “express mode” and report on Maintenance work carried out, with limited access to the CARL Source CMMS.

Naturally, whichever method you use, you can access CARL Source to consult all maintenance histories by task, and by external or internal service provider.