Logiciel de GMAO/CMMS et Asset Management | CARL Software

Perform maintenance

From initial work requests to the acceptance of completed work, CARL Source adapts to your workflows (qualification stages, preparation, scheduling, completion, etc.).
CARL Source also takes incidents, vandalism, standard exchanges, parts taken from other equipment, parts manufacturing and other specific aspects of your field into account. In addition, it features adapted processes (related maintenance jobs, recopying of maintenance jobs, troubleshooting, instant reports, etc.) to increase your flexibility.

Perform preventive and statutory maintenance

Work orders for preventive and statutory maintenance (technical inspections, vehicle testing) are recopied using rules for calendar dates, counters (mileage rates, running times, etc.) or events. These schedules can then be optimised using options such as multicriteria-based triggering (for each specific asset or model), ranking of work orders, maintenance carryover, seasonality, etc.

Organise the scheduling of maintenance work

The macro schedule provides an interactive (click and drag, adjustable scale, custom display, etc.) view of maintenance work. The scheduling process keeps workloads in balance with resource availabilities. It becomes more and more specific as scheduled work dates approach. It first assigns work to a period of time, then to a team and finally to a specific maintenance worker. Dynamic alerts warn planners and schedulers of work overloads, late work, inadequate certification, etc.