What BIM or CIM solutions are available with CARL Berger-Levrault?

Interview with Mr Tugdual le Bouar

What BIM or CIM solutions are available with CARL Berger-Levrault?

Solutions for BIM or CIM.

Interview with Tugdual le Bouar, Managing Director of CARL Software.

CARL Software, Berger-Levrault group, is a publisher specializing in CMMS (computer-assisted maintenance management) and asset management software since 1985. With more than 800 customers in all sectors across five continents, With 150 employees and annual growth of 10%, CARL Software now offers its solutions in different sectors. With those related to BIM (Building information modeling) now in its sights, which are becoming more mature.

j3e – What are your solutions for BIM or CIM?


Tugdual Le Bouar – CARL Software’s core business is the CMMS and the BIM, which is growing thanks to the digitization of construction activities. Our ambition is to become a major player in the supply of operational BIM solutions. This area has an immediate link with our customers’ activities and our existing software solutions, which support technical asset management and CMMS. We already have a module, called CARL Maps, which is able to interact with maps and plans, instead of 2D. In April, at BIM World, we announced the launch of the BIM part of Carl Maps. The software is now able to integrate digital models. All the imagery part of the graphic and cartographic visualization modes is taken into account natively in the tool. This translates concretely into the development of an IFC connector, which makes it possible to integrate the BIM standard for digital models generated during construction. In addition, an API allows us to add the 3D dimension to CMMS. This work was carried out in partnership with our customers, the SIAAP and the Hospices Civils de Lyon.
The strength of our solution is above all its native integration into the operating and maintenance processes, its flexibility thanks to the IFC connectors and the developed 3D interfaces.

j3e – How do you think these technologies will impact the building and the city in the coming years?


T. Le B. Operational BIM will gradually be integrated into maintenance processes. To do this, we are using BIM to create a repository of assets and equipment. It will be the basis for all real-time operation and maintenance. This starts with the recovery of the data from the digital model, in order to be able to integrate the latter into CMMS software and wealth management tools. Then, data exchanges take place between the digital model and the CMMS activities and technical asset management for real-time feeding. The objective is to add “graphics and attributes” data even more importantly into the maintenance activity.

For technicians, BIM makes it possible to create a service-based approach. The availability of 3D tools will make it possible to develop more advanced interfaces between the technician and the machine, through virtual reality for example. Among our customers, we have local authorities who choose our solutions for the maintenance and management of assets. The transition to digital modelling will accelerate the movement of the Smart City and environmental management at the city level. Without forgetting the mapping of the networks that connect the buildings to each other or the transport. The objective is to go from the model of the building to that of the district or the city. This is a change of scale, so we call this BIM multi-scale operation.

j3e – What will be the main applications with the most benefits?


T. The B. – Regarding BIM solutions, our customers are mainly technical departments. Our objective is therefore to develop, within the CMMS, more developed solutions such as modelling and piloting. It is about creating more and more bridges between the digital model and the CMMS. For this, CARL Software invests internally and also works with start-ups that offer innovative solutions in the field. More and more customers will want to scan their existing buildings and create a 3D model. We therefore want to develop these solutions to meet their needs.

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