The mobile application to manage requests for services

Digital terminals and wireless networks make it possible to establish contact between the users of an equipment, the users of a public space and the technical agents able to react efficiently.

The mobile application to manage requests for services

Benefits for users

CARL Flash is intended to be used by occupants of a building, citizens of a local authority, healthcare units (nurses, doctors and visitors) in a hospital, production line workers, customers of after-sales service departments etc.

The application allows to directly issue service requests to Technical Services Departments, based on the type of requests. Users have an offer that covers all the needs of multi-technical, maintenance and operation services.

Thus, users initiate direct contact with the operator to report a malfunction, damage or vandalism. CARL Flash enables them to issue requests (service, work and repair) and to formally approve work completed. Users can access past requests, and track their status.

Used in a multi-service context, CARL Flash allows users to request a cleaning operation, an ID badge, etc.

Benefits for Technical and General Services Departments

CARL Flash accelerates, simplifies and guarantees the traceability of service requests, by allowing issuers to digitize them directly in CARL Source.

CARL Flash also avoids multiple requests being made for the same problem, and makes it easier to detect urgent requests when the same problem is reported several times.

As requests are being processed by the technical services department, CARL Flash gives requesters a real-time view of the status of their requests which avoid unnecessary calls. Requesters take an active role in the process, since  they can, via CARL Flash, accept or reject the work performed.

By creating a direct relationship between technical departments and users, CARL Flash improves the visibility of the service provided, contributes to user satisfaction and contributes to the good image of technical departments within companies.


Presentation of CARL Source in 7 minutes.

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