User-oriented ergonomics

CARL Flash can be used on any device (PC, tablet or smartphone). Designed in collaboration with specialists in ergonomics and design (UX /UI) of consumer mobile applications, CARL Flash is based on ergonomic standards.

The user interface and functions available adapt to the media format (responsive design) in order to ensure an optimal user experience.

Mobile CMMS

Dynamic customization

CARL Flash is customizable to adapt to your needs and facilitate user adoption.

  • Creation and configuration of wizards defined according to the nature of the requests (service orders, cleaning, badge, etc…) based on a library of steps (multi-media, geolocation, definition of criticality, equipment scan…).
  • The terminology and language can be adapted to users.
  • Your organization’s visual identity, including the logo and application name, can be configured.

Configurable steps using data-entry wizard

Configurable steps using data-entry wizard


Presentation of CARL Source in 7 minutes.

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