A multisupport application

CARL Flash can be used for all types of hardware: PC, tablet or smartphone. To ensure the best user experience, its interface adapts to the screen size (Responsive Web design) and its functions adapt to the multimedia capabilities of the device.


Easy access

Intended for general use, CARL Flash requires no configuration.

A QR-CODE provides access to CARL Flash, which runs directly in Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari browsers, covering all available operating systems (iOS, Android or Windows).

CARL Flash can also be deployed from a company’s catalog of mobile apps.

Seamless and fast connection

User accounts can be used to log in to the application, or it can be accessed anonymously.

Users identified in your directory can directly access the application as SSO (Single Sign On). Users are automatically connected without specifically identifying themselves.

CARL Flash is a “Progressive Web App”, designed for mobile devices, connected to CARL Source.

GDPR compliance

CARL Flash guarantees compliance with the GDPR’s confidentiality rules (cookie acknowledgments, authorization to use to the device’s functions such as video and photos), and compliance with the general terms and conditions of use that you will have customized for users who logging in from CARL Flash.

Data security

The security of data exchanged over a mobile infrastructure is a major issue based on secure exchange protocols (HTTPS, certificates). This is why users and passwords have to be managed in a manner that is compliant with SIS best practices: SHA-256 encryption, password management, delegating user management to a corporate directory (LDAP, etc.).

CARL Flash is regularly audited by independent experts who verify compliance with Information System Security (ISS) practices as required under ISO 27001.


Presentation of CARL Source in 7 minutes.

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