Issuing requests

CARL Flash is a mobile application, connected to CARL Source, which provides wizards to facilitate the creation of requests.

To be able to be used by all, the application combines design and usability:

  • Compliance with the graphic codes of consumer applications.
  • Take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the devices (voice dictation, taking photos or associating documents, barcode reading, geolocation from maps…).

Tracking requests


Users are informed in real time of the status of their requests.

By logging on to CARL Flash, they can view the “thread of their requests” or those registered for a given Department inside the company, or company level.

  • Users can associate themselves with an existing request, which reinforces the urgency of the service order with Technical Services Departments and avoids unnecessary requests.
  • The user can also send reminders to the Technical Services Department for follow-up information on the processing of his request. Notifications are automatically sent to the persons concerned.
  • The user can track the status of his or her request, the start and end dates of the maintenance work, the person responsible for the work and any comments.
  • In certain contexts, the user is led to accept or refuse the result of the service requested. This action closes the service order.