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CARL e-Twin: Digital twin of equipment assets
Asset management platform – ASSET DIGITAL TWIN

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Digital twin for technical equipment, real estate and infrastructure assets


In order to rise to these challenges, CMMS and TAM will evolve towards a technical platform combining management processes, big data and artificial intelligence.
This platform could offer new services such as predictive maintenance of an entire facility, maintenance assisted by augmented reality, and so on.

This universal concept can be adapted to all fields of activity, including industry, real estate, transport, healthcare, urban development, and more. It is an essential component of projects related to Industry 4.0, smart buildings and smart cities.

These concepts call for a complete revolution in industrial and territorial management processes, and promise significant gains in terms of efficiency and flexibility, with numerous effects on the environment, organisation of work, society and even law.

“ …towards a unified asset management platform ”

Our future solutions are moving towards a unified asset management platform. The aim is to offer a digital twin of real estate, infrastructure and technical assets.
This digital twin reflects the asset in several ways – a real-time operational twin, a graphical or cartographic twin, and a ‘life cycle and management’ twin – and is connected to the internet and integrated into the information system.

Digital twin of equipment assets
Asset management platform