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Innovative engineering means CARL Touch can meet the most demanding of IT constraints.

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Native Android application

The application runs on a wide range of devices, including smartphones (rugged and semi-rugged models), tablets, etc.

CARL Touch is a native Android application that uses all the hardware resources of the mobile device: camera, GPS, gyroscope, bar code readers, RFID/NFC readers, compass, etc.

Quick and easy installation and configuration

CARL Touch is easy to install and configure, simply by scanning a QR Code. Authentication is compatible with your LDAP directory. A number of operators may share the same device, in turn, with total security.

In the same way as consumer applications, the CARL Source server can automatically manage the updating of all your CARL Touch devices.

Centralised administration of devices

Using the supervision functions, it is easy to manage a large number of CARL Touch devices. This means you can monitor the characteristics of the devices: status, monitoring of synchronisation. Furthermore, you can manage CARL Touch remotely: disable the application, delete data in case of theft, update the application, etc.


CARL Touch can be deployed on your intranet and the internet, and the associated IT infrastructure can be shared and distributed across several servers, providing continuity of service and scalability of the solution. We are therefore able to deploy our solutions on more than 1,000 devices, while ensuring ease of use of CARL Touch and CARL Source, by isolating the synchronisation processes on one or more dedicated servers.

Unique synchronisation technology

CARL Touch is always available, even if no network signal is detected. Synchronisation between the mobile devices and the back office is entirely controlled by the system, with no action by users required: This is done automatically (Push mode) once CARL Touch connects to a network (Wifi, 4G, 3G, etc.) and the exchange is secure (HTTPS and secure web sockets).

Thus, depending on the availability of the network and its speed, the system pushes and retrieves the information (via micro-messages) by prioritising them: critical business information then multimedia streams. CARL Touch was designed to handles large volumes of data.

With this technology:

  • Users are relaxed because they do not need to worry about technical restrictions (synchronisation conflicts, network availability, sufficient speed, etc.)
  • It is easy for the back office to manage the CARL Touch solution remotely: remote supervision and resolution of synchronisation conflicts, remotely enabling or disabling CARL Touch, monitoring access to the network, remotely resetting data, etc.

Secure data

Security is a major issue, for both the data exchanged and the mobile infrastructure. So as not to generate access vulnerabilities in the central system, exchanges are made via secure protocols (WSS or HTTPS). User and password management comply with SIS best practices: SHA-256 encryption, password complexity management policy, option of delegating user management to a corporate directory (LDAP, etc.).

Each version of CARL Touch is audited by independent experts from AlgoSecure, who check its conformity with SIS (Security of Information Systems) practices in relation to ISO 27001.