Mobile application for smartphone and tablet


CARL Touch is a native Android application that uses all the hardware resources of the mobile device: camera, GPS, gyroscope, barcode readers, NFC readers, compass, etc.

Can run on a wide range of devices: Smartphone (hardened, semi-hardened), tablet…

Quick and easy installation and configuration

CARL Touch is easy to install and configure, simply by scanning a QR Code. Authentication is compatible with a centralized directory (LDAP, …) and an SSO mechanism. A number of technicians can share the same device, in turn, in total security.

Centralized administration of devices

The deployment of the CARL Touch application can be delegated to your company’s MDM, or carried out directly via CARL Source.

Thanks to this centralized administration, the device can be managed automatically and remotely, as can device updating, usage monitoring, resolution of synchronization conflicts, data deletion and device resets, deactivation of the application in case of hardware loss…

Technology, On/Offline synchronization

CARL Touch is always available, even in the absence of a network connection; this frees the user from any technical constraints.

Synchronization between the CARL Touch terminal and the back office is done by the system without any user intervention: it takes place automatically (“Push” mode) as soon as CARL Touch picks up a network (Wifi, 4G, 3G, etc.) via secure exchange (HTTPS and Secure Web Socket).

Depending on the availability of the network and its throughput, the system pushes and retrieves information (through micro-messages) by prioritizing them: business information / multimedia flow. CARL Touch has been built to handle large volumes of data.

Powerful synchronization engine

CARL Touch can be deployed on an Intranet or the Internet. The associated IT infrastructure can be distributed over several servers to ensure service continuity and scalability.
CARL Touch can be deployed on over 1000 units, while guaranteeing comfortable use of the App, without disrupting CARL Source operations by isolating the synchronisation processes on a dedicated server.

Secure data

The security of data exchanged via a mobile infrastructure is a major issue, guaranteed by secure exchange protocols (WSS or HTTPS). Thus, the management of users and passwords complies with SSI best practices: SHA-256 encryption, password complexity rules, optional delegation of user management to a corporate directory (LDAP, SSO…).

CARL Touch is regularly audited by independent experts from Intrinsec, who verify its conformity with SIS (Security of Information Systems) practices in relation to ISO 27001.


Presentation of CARL Source in 7 minutes.

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