Resource planning: the key issue in maintenance

CMMS - Resource planning

Resource planning: the key issue in maintenance

Major process for maintenance work on equipment.

Whatever your sector of activity: tertiary, industrial, transportation, local authorities or health, resource planning in a maintenance department is a major process for work on equipment.

The importance of maintenance resource planning

Without coherent and optimal resource planning, the management of equipment work and maintenance would not be reliable and efficient.

Resource management is often thought to be complicated but is nevertheless of major importance for resolving work requests and in preventing equipment malfunctions (industrial machines, infrastructures, fixed and rolling equipment, etc.).

Resource planning allows better responsiveness and traceability of work and equipment maintenance. It also speeds up troubleshooting efficiency. It is therefore essential in any maintenance service.

How to make resource management easier?

The visibility of the availability of resources and work to be planned according to the skills and approvals of the technical teams is essential.

The readability and comprehension of information must be quick to make planning as smooth as possible.

Managing equipment works and maintenance must be efficient and it is thanks to an easy-to-use and reliable resource planning tool that maintenance managers will be able to optimize their process maintenance and operation.

A visual and intuitive approach

CARL Source V6 has improved usability to coordinate work tasks and maintenance: quickly accessible features and configurable and customizable colour codes for better visibility of activities: for example, one colour per type of work task.

Planification des ressources avec assistants d’intervention et de maintenance.

Control and information assistants

To help you every day, the CARL Source CMMS solution has added works and maintenance assistants to resource planning.

  • A tooltip on each item of work to be scheduled indicates the number of resources to be allocated.
  • A resource consistency check wizard informs the user if the work does not match the scheduled technician (in v6.2).
  • On the work items, a new pictogram makes it possible to view the Required Authorizations (in v6.2).

Easier assignments

Scheduling a resource on a work item couldn’t be easier!

There are two options available to the user:

  • A drag and drop of the work item on the resource schedule
  • Double-click in the resource’s schedule to assign the work item
Planification des ressources