Freedom to choose the architecture

Architecture: opt for freedom of choice!


Although CARL Source may have a very basic configuration (installed on a standalone computer), it deploys all its power on the most advanced network architectures.

In terms of architecture, the choices have never been so varied. CARL Source offers a wide range of solutions for each link in your system:

  • Client browser: Edge, Firefox, Chrome…
  • Client or server operating system: Windows, Linux (Debian, Redhat).
  • Web server: Apache.
  • Application server: Tomcat.
  • Database server: PostgreSQL, SQL Server.

This freedom of choice proves just how much CARL Source can adapt to changes in your internal IT infrastructure.

Welcome to the free world of Open Source Technology

A major aspect that makes CARL Source better than the competition is that it was designed to offer users an alternative to all proprietary solutions: every component of the architecture – from the database and browser, to the operating system, application server, web server and even the print server – can be open source.

Open Source licences are free, so you save substantial amounts of money and you are less at the mercy of policy decisions of major IT companies.

Large-scale deployment, low costs

CARL Source’s architecture allows for common deployment of the application, which is highly appreciable in multisite environments. As a result, CARL Source is potentially accessible from anywhere in the world at extremely low deployment costs. The architecture also facilitates user support and comprehensive maintenance of CARL Source.

CARL Source in SaaS mode

If you like, CARL Source can be offered in SaaS mode via our “Planets” packages. Apart from web access terminals, you don’t need to buy any hardware or software because CARL Source and all the necessary software are hosted on our secure central server. In exchange for an annual fee, you gain customised access to this software and benefit from the necessary software and hardware maintenance. We take care of all the technical work for you (backups, updates, etc.).

CARL Berger-Levrault CMMS

Presentation of CARL Source in 7 minutes.

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