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A web-native architecture internet


Built using latest web-native architectures, including web features, CARL Source brings together the latest technological advances with the needs of the most demanding users and IT departments.

CARL Source is offered in SaaS mode via our “Planets” packages, as well as traditional On-Premise licenses.

CARL Source is truly 100% web software, developed entirely on the Java platform, and can be installed in a fully Open Source environment. Furthermore. Another highlight is that CARL Source is a 100% HTML product, which requires no installation on the client workstation (no plug-in or Java engine on the client workstation), even for graphic features (configuration of screens/report, map navigation, graphical scheduling, application administration, etc.), unlike many other products on the market.

CARL Source: innovation with peace of mind

CARL Source is the result of our 30 years of experience in CMMS and asset management. Each year CARL Berger-Levrault invests between 20 to 25% of its turnover in R&D thereby giving itself the means to anticipate future developments. Since helping to pioneer CMMS in 1985, we have provided our customers with solutions that enable them to keep pace with the technological revolutions that have rocked the world of information technology, including Windows, client/server, object components, and, more recently the Internet, open source and SOA.

CARL Berger-Levrault CMMS

Presentation of CARL Source in 7 minutes.

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