A solution integrated into the company’s information system

Seamless integration with your internal applications


CARL Source’s architecture meets current interoperability requirements (SOA). Each application process is available as a service (Web Services) that is geared to enabling applications to work together, even between different platforms. This approach ensures smooth communication between all your software programs: central directory (LDAP), purchasing or accounting systems, ERP (Baan, JD Edwards, Movex, Oracle Application, SAP, etc.) or other BAS/BMS systems.
CARL Source is an easy addition to your corporate portal: the Web Services included in CARL Source offer callouts to the operational components you wish to use. For example, new maintenance requests can be created via your specific corporate portal.
You can also use your standard query tools (Business Objects, Excel, Query, etc.) to perform analyses or generate reports in order to take informed decisions.
All the data in the application can be exported in various formats (XML, Excel, etc.) with a single click.

CARL Loader: loading data has never been so easy!

CARL Loader is included as standard with CARL Source and can be used for initial loading of existing data as well as data loaded on demand. Designed for non-IT specialists, this tool handles various file formats (Excel, Access, etc.).

Integrated document management.

The document management system integrated in the application allows you to associate multimedia files (Word, Autocad, MS-Project, etc.) with any object (work order, asset, item, etc.). Document administration can be delegated to a third-party management system (EDM, CMS, etc.) or performed by CARL Source within its own library. In the latter case, documents are either stored centrally on the server or simply located by an URL or a network access path.

Proven data synchronisation solutions, allowing off-line work.

CARL Source can manage a number of standalone databases that, due to their location (ships, projects at distant sites, etc.), prevent continuous communication with the central base. Special functions, to be adapted to your precise needs, synchronise these remote databases so that purchases can be pooled and financial and technical data consolidated with no loss in integrity even in the case of sporadic links (satellites, 3/4G…).

BI: integrated decision support.

Business Intelligence (BI) is essential in today’s organizations, offering tools for collecting, analyzing and transforming data into usable information. With this in mind, CARL Berger-Levraut has integrated the standardized OData (Open Data Protocol) into its CARL Source application.

From the CMMS, you create your own data model and, thanks to an API URL automatically generated from CARL Source, you integrate it into your BI tool, whatever BI tool you’re using (Excel© , Qlik© , Tableau© , Power BI© …). By combining BI and OData, you gain access to relevant, up-to-date information and in-depth analysis of your data. As a result, you’ll be able to make agile, context-sensitive decisions.

Excel©, Qlik©, Tableau©, Power BI©…).

CARL Berger-Levrault CMMS

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