Example of Malteurop: modernising industrial maintenance

Customer success stories - Maintenance software user testimonial - Malteurop

Example of Malteurop: modernising industrial maintenance

Malteurop, world leaders in malt production.

Present in 14 countries including France, Germany, the United States and Australia, Malteurop is one of the world’s leading producers of malt; it is estimated that one in 10 beers is brewed with the production of Malteurop and its 10,500 partner grain growers. To simplify and optimize the work of its multi-site maintenance teams, the group chooses the CARL Source Factory CMMS solution.

Improving maintenance management

In 2016, Malteurop launched its modernization of maintenance. The group wishes to improve maintenance management by controlling the preventive-curative ratio and have performance indicators by means of a Multi-site CMMS.
By structuring its maintenance activity on a single management tool, Malteurop aims to:

  • Standardize maintenance practices.
  • Improve safety for maintenance and production teams.
  • Reduce curative maintenance and improve machine availability.
  • Optimize maintenance costs and, in general, better predict machine costs.
  • Create an interface with SAP ERP to track orders and budget.

The solution CMMS CARL Source Factory is chosen as well as its application mobile CARL Touch. Rollout begins in 2017.

“A single CMMS to standardize a group’s maintenance methods.”

Malteurop: a global project

Customer success stories: Malteurop's maintenance in numbers

The rollout of the CARL Source Factory equipment maintenance management software

On a large scale, the CMMS project Malteurop receives quality support, supported by the Management. Franco-German project teams, fortnightly workshops with technicians… everything is done to raise awareness, train and motivate maintenance teams to get started with CMMS software and its application mobile CARL Touch.

The data is imported on the CMMS via the CARL Loader bulk data import module; the software is customized before being deployed. Today, more than 200 people use daily CARL Source Factory, in different languages ​​and currencies. “Malteurop’s inventories now comprise more than 10,000 items and enable the efficient operation of maintenance and production teams” says Xavier Niquet, Group Maintenance Manager.

“CARL Source Factory provides us with excellent visibility and accessibility to our data.”

Xavier Niquet, Group Maintenance Manager

Results on maintenance and management work

Malteurop maintenance team

By structuring the maintenance activity on the CMMS CARL Source Factory, Malteurop is part of a continuous improvement approach. The standardization of its organization and its maintenance methods makes it possible to achieve considerable time savings and optimize preventive maintenance.

Used by all staff, the software improves the processing of action requests, from their issue to their closure. Thanks to the CARL Touch mobile CMMS, the field intervention missions of the technicians are made easier: they have the technical features of the machines and the history of breakdowns on their smartphones, they can upload their reports in a few clicks.

Today, the company has a 30% preventive maintenance rate.

For Xavier Niquet, the software has several advantages: “The visibility and accessibility of our data enable managers to optimise their management. This high level of transparency allows us to monitor our 12,000 annual interventions and to analyse them using performance indicators that we have designed and created ourselves. Regular meetings with CARL’s support team make it easy to discuss any issues such as the implementation of the solution at new sites“. The international rollout of the CMMS project is continuing in Australia and the United States.

Our maintenance management solution for the industrial sector: CARL Source Factory

CARL Source Factory | CMMS for industry

CARL Source Factory is our solution of CMMS dedicated to the industry sector. It has been designed to guarantee you the best operating conditions for industrial equipment, associated structures and the safety of your personnel. It allows you to manage your maintenance activities in real time, new works and regulatory diagnostics, monitor your service providers and manage your contracts while reconciling quality and budgetary control. Designed in partnership with major industry players, this solution allows you to addressing the challenges of Industry 4.0.