Industrial maintenance software - Example of Actemium

Industrial maintenance - CMMS example

Industrial maintenance software – Example of Actemium

Industrial maintenance: how the SME Actemium boosted its activities and improved its customer follow-up thanks to the CARL Source CMMS software.

An industrial maintenance provider, Actemium Belfort has chosen to go further in the implementation of a CMMS accessible to its customers. With the deployment of CARL Source, the SME has seen its order book grow but also improved the confidence of its customers and its teams. The assets that made the difference? CARL Touch mobility, a guarantee of responsiveness and the Control module -S for attentive and effective regulatory monitoring.


Update with David Libor, Methods Manager at Actemium Maintenance Belfort.

Actemium, customized industrial maintenance

Actemium Belfort is a subsidiary of Vinci Energie and is a service provider specialising in industrial maintenance for customers such as EDF, Fedex, Safran and RATP. With its 60 employees, the SME provides maintenance of lifting and handling equipment, including regulatory checks. It also offers engineering and re-design services with machine compliance, benefiting from the CMSO label.

In 2019, the construction of a new building specially designed and scaled for all these maintenance activities, be they mechanical, hydraulic or for automation and boiler making, has allowed both better accessibility to its customers and improved efficiency of intervention by its technicians.

An industrial maintenance process capable of meeting the objectives of traceability, reliability, continuous improvement and mobility


Our goal is to promote the establishment of a maintenance organization that is efficient and transparent for our customers with good cost control in order to meet our commitments in terms of quotes and response times,” says David Libor, Methods Manager at Actemium Maintenance Belfort. And to add “Our ambition is to be known as a benchmark player, specialist in the maintenance of means of production and lifting means.”

To do this, the SME chose the Industrial CMMS by CARL Source. “This migration started 4 years ago, with a rollout of the first modules. Quickly, we integrated the complete management with the analysis of KPIs,” says the manager.

But the firm did not stop there. After 18 months of use, the teams decided to upgrade to version 5 of CARL Source allowing end customers to access, from the CMMS, their maintenance logs and follow the status of progress of work on their equipment fleet.




“…CARL Source CMMS has enabled us to optimize maintenance management by monitoring dynamic KPIs.”

David Libor, Methods Manager at Actemium Maintenance Belfort

CARL Source, the modular and adaptable industrial maintenance management software for the different needs of the company


One of the key advantages observed since the deployment of the CARL Source CMMS is mobility and how easy it is to use the tool. During the work tasks, the technicians are autonomous and precise when transcribing the data thanks to the smartphones or tablets with which they are equipped. Work can be carried out offline and as soon as there is a stable connection the data is transmitted. “They take photos, include their comments and can have customers sign the end of the work on site, which is very practical when the trips are several kilometres away,” enthuses Mr Libor. .

Once uploaded in CARL Source, the data makes it possible togenerate automatic work requests when anomalies, corrective or preventive, are detected. The system generates emails for the customer who can then extract intervention reports. “All of this will feed our database, our history and therefore our indicators to be able to manage our maintenance,” specifies David Libor. “This is a continuous process, each time we detect an anomaly, we trace it in the form of an intervention request, which can be the subject of an estimate validated by the client and trigger the intervention”.

Actemium also uses CARL Source for managing all of its quotes, or even purchases.Since these 4 years of operation, the CARL Source CMMS has enabled us to optimize management of maintenance with the monitoring of dynamic KPIs”, specifies David Libor.

For regulatory maintenance, Actemium Belfort uses the Control-S module from CARL Source. Connected with the platforms of the main control bodies, it allows you to precisely follow the regulatory verification reports on CARL Source, to automatically create the work tasks for lifting reservations, to generate analysis reports to guarantee effective and secure regulatory monitoring.
Control-S and CARL Touch are also thorough in the follow-up of our activity both for us and our technicians who have access to all the history of the data of the interventions, and of course also for our clients “.

The SME has also integrated the tool Microsoft Power BI which uses the data from CARL Source live and generates interactive graphics that interact with each other and are automatically updated with each new intervention.

Version 6 under development for improved performance

CARL Source Factory | CMMS for industry

Today, Actemium Belfort aims to deploy version 6 CARL Source at short notice. “This is a version with a greatly improved design and above all it allows easier customization with improved usability with the planning part, in particular for the planning of resources and work tasks” confirms Mr. Libor. In a longer-term operation, the manager wishes to “communicate our predictive maintenance systems developed within the Actemium group with the IoT platform dedicated to BL Predict maintenance from CARL Berger-Levrault in order to take advantage of the functional assets in artificial intelligence.”.