Testimonial FIPOI: ensuring the maintenance of a large real estate portfolio

Customer success storie - Maintenance software user testimonial – Foundation for Buildings for International Organisations (FIPOI)

Testimonial FIPOI: ensuring the maintenance of a large real estate portfolio

The FIPOI: for International Organizations.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, The Foundation for Buildings for International Organizations (FIPOI) provides a range of real estate services aiming to facilitate the activities and establishment of international organizations based in Geneva. FIPOI owns a 2,500-seat convention center and twenty administrative buildings, comprising a real estate portfolio valued at $1 billion, for approximately 1 .6M square feet. In order to guarantee the best working conditions for its customers, and to ascertain control over its maintenance operations, FIPOI relies on its CARL Source solution.

Digitizing the maintenance process

With the CARL Sources solution, FIPOI has chosen to digitize its maintenance activity, which is essential for tracking and managing its maintenance and for optimizing the quality of its services to the 200 tenant organizations in the various buildings, with an occupancy rate over 90 percent. Its goals are to:

  • Reduce the administrative processing time to improve the responsiveness of technical services.
  • Establish preventive and regulatory maintenance ranges.
  • Allow tenants to report any type of problem via a service call request made from their smartphone.
  • Modernize the maintenance processes for field service
    technicians via a mobile app.

« A CMMS software to ensure the maintenance of a real estate portfolio of one billion Swiss Francs. »

FIPOI : a project serving international organizations


Deployment of the technical asset management software CARL Source Facility

In 2016 FIPOI launched its CMMS project and chose CARL Source. The data for 6,000 premises and 2,500 pieces of equipment were migrated to the CARL Source database via the CARL Loader import tool, and the preventive maintenance ranges were defined according to manufacturer data and contractual obligations.

The import of data went well thanks to our files, which pre-listed all equipment and premises, and we appreciate how this data is now organized on the CARL Source tree structures,” confides Mr. L’HOTE, Head of Technical Sector for FIPOI. All preventive maintenance ranges are defined by technicians.

Training for the teams takes place in three phases. Managers are first trained in the use and setup of CARL solutions, a real added value to simplify the use of solutions with different audiences. Then, the 14 field service technicians take control of the CARL Touch mobile application. Finally, a tutorial is created to show all occupants how to use the CARL Flash service call request application from their smartphones or PCs.

« Now that we use CARL Source, we wonder how we managed before.” »

Patrick Masiero, Maintenance Technician

Results on maintenance management

Thanks to 750 CARL Flash licenses, each tenant can make a service call request via the application, or using the link on the FIPOI website. The request is then received on the CARL Touch application of the corresponding building manager, who then dispatches the call. This saves a lot of time because the request is sent directly to the nearest technicians or specialists in the field in question. If the request requires involvement of one of the service providers under contract (450 contracts under CARL management), a FIPOI technician will also be present to guide and monitor the provider, before validating the service call in CARL. This allows total traceability and the creation of custom performance indicators. According to Mr. L’Hote, “Our average responsiveness in handling a service a call is less than 24 hours.

This outstanding performance is also due to the implementation of preventive maintenance ranges. Sixty percent (60%) of the 5,000 service calls today are of a preventive nature, which makes it possible to prevent all sorts of breakdowns in electrical equipment for heating, ventilation or air conditioning. “Now that we have this solution, we wonder how we managed before,” confided a technician from the foundation. To budget and optimize spending within its maintenance department, FIPOI will soon create a link between CARL Source and its Abacus ERP.

Our Facility Management solution CARL Source Facility

CARL SOURCE FACILITY | Facility Management Software

CARL Source Facility is our software for the technical management of real estate assets, infrastructures and networks of companies in the tertiary sector. This Facility Management solution has been designed in partnership with major players in the business to allow you to optimize the maintenance and operation of your real estate assets. Our Facility range gives you the possibility to manage it by guaranteeing the availability of equipment and staff safety, being able to monitor your service providers, manage your contracts and maintenance activities in time real while reconciling quality and keeping costs under control.